1917 was the year when Finland became independent and the whole world was in turmoil. This programme gives a unique experience reflecting the tensions, the art, and even daily life, through music, pictures, paintings and literature from that year.

The first complete performance of Artfusion 1917 was funded generously by the Swedish Cultural Foundation with a year’s scholarship in 2013.

The first official concert was given on May 14, 2014 as a full recital length. The first part consisted of dark poems and texts about the war, with music by S. Rachmaninov, N. Boulanger and O. Respighi. The latter half gave an insight into a young woman’s life in wartime, with romantic, scary and also humorous episodes. The music played here was by J. Sibelius and F. Bridge. All texts were read in Swedish.

Throughout the performance there were pictures and paintings shown on a whiteboard behind the performers, reflecting the music and text in their own way.

The performance ended with Sibelius choir work, Dreams, which had been arranged by U. Pulkkis.

This is one way of performing the 1917 ARTfusion concert.

We are able to offer different combinations of the project, and perform among other things:

  1. Only one part of the concert (first or second half)
  2. A version with a solopiano and recitateur
  3. A version with one string player and piano
  4. A version with one string player, recitateur and piano
  5. A version without the recitateur
  6. A complete solopiano version

Also, we could include or exclude the art/pictures, depending on the concert venue. The texts can be read in Swedish, Finnish or English.

Music suggestions:


  • Prokofiev: Sonatas nr 3 (8min) and nr 4 (18min)
  • Rachmaninoff: Three pieces (Prelude, Oriental Sketch, Fragments) (6.30min)
  • Ravel: Tombeau de Couperin (25min)
  • N. Boulanger: Vers la vie nouvelle (5min)
  • Sibelius: Flowers op.85 (9min)
  • Kodaly: 7 pieces op11 (13min
  • Weill: Intermezzo (4min)
  • Beach: Prelude and Fugue op 81 (6min)
  • Nielsen: Chaconne op32 (9min)


  • Debussy: Violin Sonata (13min)
  • Respighi: Violin Sonata (24min)
  • Bridge: Sonat for cello and piano (23/24min)
  • Fauré: Cello Sonata nr 1 op 109 (20min)
  • Clarke: Untitled piece for viola and piano (5.30min)
  • Hindemith: 3 pieces op 8 , cello and piano (18min)
  • A. Merikanto: Trio (23min)
  • Rachmaninoff: Trio élégiaque No.2 in D minor, Op.9 (43min)
  • L. Vierne: Piano quintet op 42 (30min)

We are happy to discuss any length and format of the 1917 Artfusion concert that might suit your individual view/needs.